About APSI

Association of Phono Surgeons of India

APSI is a professional body whose members are primarily ENT Surgeons, but with special interest in voice disorders and their management. The association was formed in November 2003 during the phono surgery workshop held in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Dr.(Prof). Phaniendra kumar Valluri was the guiding light in the formation of this group and was elected unanimously as the first president of the association. Dr. Jayakumar R Menon was the founder Vice President and Dr. Kumud Kumar Handa was the founder Honorary Secretary.

The primary aim of the association is to create awareness in the society about voice disorders and their management including voice care for professional voice users. The association is also involved in training budding ENT surgeons in the field of voice pathology and phonosurgery. Currently there are four centers conducting APSI accredited fellowship programmes in this regard. The Association is officially recognized by World Voice Consortium since 2010.

The association has now more than 350 members and is active in pioneering and propagating the concepts & management of voice disorders. All the national leaders of the association are active in Organising various phonosurgery workshops and voice conferences across the length and breadth of the country. In these academic events hands-on training sessions are routinely organised both for ENT doctors and Speech & Language Pathologists. Many luminaries in this field globally, have contributed actively over the years in nurturing the association.


Office Bearers

Dr Kabikanta Samantaray


Dr Gautam Khaund


Dr Alok Karulkar


Dr Soumitra Ghosh


Governing Council

Dr Phaniendra Kumar V


Dr PSN Murthy


Dr Jayakumar Menon


Dr K. K. Handa


Dr Nupur Nerurkar


Dr Amitabha Roychoudhury


Executive Members

Dr Arpit Sharma

Dr Khageswar Rout

Dr Manoj Belsare

Dr Sabari Nath

Dr Shama Kovale

Dr Debika Baruah


Journal Editor

Dr Bhagyashree Bokare


Associate Editor

Dr Anagha Joshi



Dr Gauri Kapre Vaidya

19th Annual National Conference of the Association of Phono Surgeons of India (APSI) under the aegis of DHWANI


In Association with NEBAOI and AISHA.

We are delighted to host Phonocon 2024 at Guwahati. We have come a way forward in terms of technology, management and various aspects of laryngeal, airway, swallowing disorders from the last Phonocon held in Guwahati at 2012.

In continuance with the primary aim of the APSI to create awareness in the society about voice disorders and their management including voice care for professional voice users, we want to incorporate our theme emerging technology meets nature. Medical science is ever evolving, we too should take a stride forward to stay at par with global forums. Our distinguished international faculties including eminent national figures in laryngology will provide academic enlightment. Phonocon will provide a interactive platform to learn among faculties and delegates. Conference includes instructional and hands on workshops, video sessions, talks covering all aspects. We welcome all to participate and enjoy the academic feast in our city.